Walker is the CEO of Talktor. Talktor creates voice-powered solutions to everyday problems. In this month’s member spotlight, we talked to Walker about his business and Irontek experience.

Q: How did you hear about Irontek?
A: I heard about Irontek before it was Irontek. I reached out to Hendricks Commercial Properties and was told about the project!
Q: What do you enjoy most working out of Irontek?
A: I enjoy the diversity of the different companies. Irontek has companies specializing in photography to IT on the same floor. You can always find someone open to help your business.
Q: Tell us about your business?
A: Talktor is a software company that services voice technology and Amazon Alexa skills. We offer subscription-based skills and customized options for businesses.
Q: Favorite Project?
A: 88Nine Radio Milwaukee is one of our newest projects. 88Nine is a non-profit station and they also do work with start-ups. We are helping users listen to radio through Amazon Alexa.
Q: Best business advice?
A: A lot of people get intimidated by the idea of having their own business. Take your passion, put in the extra effort, and get it done.

Learn more about Talktor here.