Traci is the founder of Scherck Consulting, LLC. Traci recently launched a membership site with complimentary tools to help businesses build a unique organizational culture. Traci has been an Irontek Member since June of 2018. For this month’s member spotlight, we chatted with Traci about her Irontek experience and her business.

Q: How did you hear about Irontek?
A: I became interested in a membership when I launched my own business. I was looking for a space to work that created a community and was downtown.
Q: What do you enjoy most about working out of Irontek?
A: I enjoy the flexibility and amenities. It’s easy to network and build relationships in a space like Irontek.
Q: Tell us about your business!
A: Scherck Consulting is an authentic and innovative HR solution to provide HR infrastructure to those who do not typically have an HR team on staff.
Q: Share what you love about your typical workday. 
A: What I love the most is working with business owners to create an HR infrastructure that is unique to their organization.
Q: What’s your best business advice?
A: Start with your intention, create a plan and be adaptable when the plans change. It is important to relate everything back to your “why.”

Learn more about Scherck Consulting, LLC here.