Robert Ewald is the Founder at Fresh Horizons Coffee Company and President at Ewald Services. Robert joined Irontek in July of 2017. For this month’s member spotlight, we chatted with Robert about his Irontek experience and business ventures.

Q: How did you hear about Irontek?
A: I first heard about Irontek from a former member. After experiencing the space a few times, I fell in love and joined myself. I’ve been a member for about a year now!
Q: What do you enjoy most about working out of Irontek?
A: The variety is great. The overall diversity in Irontek can’t be beat. You can find members in almost every industry.
Q: Tell us about your business. 
A: Fresh Horizons is a business that uses freshly roasted coffee to raise funding for churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations. We currently have 30 organizations on board. And we’ve recently partnered with Classmunity, another gBETA Beloit alumni, which will allow both companies to offer clients an industry leading fundraising solution.
Q: What has been your favorite project?
A: gBETA is the number one experience gained through Irontek so far. Fresh Horizons was in the Spring 2018 cohort. The connections we made through gBETA are priceless and led us to be where we are today!
Q: What’s your best business advice?
A: Ask a lot of questions and do your research. Be a storyteller. Selling is really a formalized way to solve a problem.

You can learn more about Fresh Horizons Coffee Company here.