Diane is the Executive Director of AmSpirit Business Connections of Southern Wisconsin and has been an Irontek member since the very beginning. For this month’s member spotlight, we chatted with Diane about her experience at Irontek, business advice, and AmSpirit.

Q: How did you hear about Irontek and when did you join?
A: I joined in September of 2016, within the first year of Irontek’s opening. I heard about Irontek through a Facebook post. I came for a meeting with Maggie from gBETA, took a tour and fell in love with the space.
Q: What do you enjoy most about Irontek?
A: Two words. Collaboration and energy.
Q: How can we get involved with AmSpirit?
A: You can contact me by email about joining a meeting. AmSpirit meetings are held at Irontek almost every week.
Q: What’s your best business advice?
A: Stay connected to your connections!

You can learn more about AmSpirit Business Connections of Southern Wisconsin here.